About Me

I recently graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Communication and Multimedia Design from Avans Hogeschool Breda. My goal now is to gain more experience and to learn as much as I can in order to create more beautiful projects. I see myself as a thinker, a maker and an organizer.
Always looking for new perspectives.


As a thinker, I like to do thorough research in order to come up with unexpected concepts. I choose to wander off the beaten track and explore many possibilities. I'm familiar with different research methods such as desktop research and interviews but also conducting little experiments and setting out cultural probes. I’ll try to look at the matter from every possible side and like to create concepts that shake things up a bit like, ‘What if the wolf in Little Red Ridinghood had won?’ Or ‘How can I help people understand poetry which is often seen as vague and complicated.’

Creating the best solution.


As a maker, I’m very detail-orientated and have a critical eye. Every aspect needs to communicate the right message in order for it to truly work. I'm familiar with Adobe programs like Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign, Premiere Pro and After Effects. I like to work with all different types of media like film, photography and animation. However, what I’ve really always loved is illustrating, which is why I went on an exchange to the United Kingdom to illustrate for an entire year. Here I came across with a lot of analogue techniques like letterpressing, monoprinting and screenprinting.

Keeping the bigger picture in mind.


Apart from paying great attention to details, I can maintain good overview over the whole process and manage a project from head to tail. In teams, I find it important that everyone is heard and feels valued. I also like to make sure that everyone is well informed about the goal of the project and everyones personal tasks. I’ve always enjoyed organizing both design projects (in school) and events. It comes quite natural to me to see what steps need to be taken next. Consequently, I find it very important that the goal of the project is kept in mind during the entire designprocess.